UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifying matches: Predictions and Betting Tips

When considering your Euro 2024 betting campaign, it is essential to keep the qualifying matches in mind. These matches are going to be the crucial deciding factor in which teams are going to take part, live betting odds, and tips.

Qualifying games can be one of the best ways to find out the form and tactics for each team which will be preparing for the Euros. This will help you beat the betting odds and take advantage of a betting bonus in advance, as well as allowing you to string together your own betting tips.

The Euro 2024 competition will be hosted in ten cities in Germany - one of the biggest footballing nations in Europe. With more than enough quality stadiums to host the tournament, it will be a great spectacle for all watching.

So in this article, we will review the qualifiers and some of the countries, teams, and players who will take part.

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Newest predictions and Euro 2024 winner prediction for Qualifying

Check out some of the detailed predictions and tips to do with this tournament on our page – it is crucial you collect as much information on upcoming live odds and bonuses before betting!

Make sure you note down these tips ahead of any sort of punting you may do.

Here will be predictions closer to the starts events.

Euro Qualification

Group A P W D L
G - A
GD Pts
1 Scotland 4 4 0 0 9 - 1 +8 12
2 Georgia 3 1 1 1 3 - 4 -1 4
3 Norway 4 1 1 2 5 - 7 -2 4
4 Spain 2 1 0 1 3 - 2 +1 3
5 Cyprus 3 0 0 3 2 - 8 -6 0
Group B P W D L
G - A
GD Pts
1 France 4 4 0 0 9 - 0 +9 12
2 Greece 3 2 0 1 5 - 2 +3 6
3 Republic of Ireland 3 1 0 2 4 - 3 +1 3
4 Netherlands 2 1 0 1 3 - 4 -1 3
5 Gibraltar 4 0 0 4 0 - 12 -12 0
Group C P W D L
G - A
GD Pts
1 England 4 4 0 0 15 - 1 +14 12
2 Ukraine 3 2 0 1 4 - 4 0 6
3 Italy 2 1 0 1 3 - 2 +1 3
4 North Macedonia 3 1 0 2 4 - 11 -7 3
5 Malta 4 0 0 4 1 - 9 -8 0
Group D P W D L
G - A
GD Pts
1 Turkey 4 3 0 1 7 - 5 +2 9
2 Armenia 3 2 0 1 7 - 5 +2 6
3 Croatia 2 1 1 0 3 - 1 +2 4
4 Wales 4 1 1 2 4 - 7 -3 4
5 Latvia 3 0 0 3 3 - 6 -3 0
Group E P W D L
G - A
GD Pts
1 Czech Republic 3 2 1 0 6 - 1 +5 7
2 Albania 3 2 0 1 5 - 2 +3 6
3 Moldova 4 1 2 1 4 - 5 -1 5
4 Poland 3 1 0 2 4 - 6 -2 3
5 Faroe Islands 3 0 1 2 2 - 7 -5 1
Group F P W D L
G - A
GD Pts
1 Austria 4 3 1 0 9 - 3 +6 10
2 Belgium 3 2 1 0 7 - 1 +6 7
3 Sweden 3 1 0 2 5 - 5 0 3
4 Estonia 3 0 1 2 2 - 6 -4 1
5 Azerbaijan 3 0 1 2 2 - 10 -8 1
Group G P W D L
G - A
GD Pts
1 Hungary 3 2 1 0 5 - 0 +5 7
2 Serbia 3 2 1 0 5 - 1 +4 7
3 Montenegro 3 1 1 1 1 - 2 -1 4
4 Bulgaria 4 0 2 2 2 - 6 -4 2
5 Lithuania 3 0 1 2 1 - 5 -4 1
Group H P W D L
G - A
GD Pts
1 Finland 4 3 0 1 10 - 3 +7 9
2 Kazakhstan 4 3 0 1 8 - 4 +4 9
3 Denmark 4 2 1 1 7 - 5 +2 7
4 Slovenia 4 2 1 1 5 - 4 +1 7
5 Northern Ireland 4 1 0 3 2 - 3 -1 3
6 San Marino 4 0 0 4 0 - 13 -13 0
Group I P W D L
G - A
GD Pts
1 Switzerland 4 3 1 0 12 - 3 +9 10
2 Romania 4 2 2 0 6 - 3 +3 8
3 Israel 4 2 1 1 5 - 6 -1 7
4 Kosovo 4 0 3 1 3 - 4 -1 3
5 Belarus 4 1 0 3 4 - 10 -6 3
6 Andorra 4 0 1 3 3 - 7 -4 1
Group J P W D L
G - A
GD Pts
1 Portugal 4 4 0 0 14 - 0 +14 12
2 Slovakia 4 3 1 0 5 - 1 +4 10
3 Luxembourg 4 2 1 1 4 - 6 -2 7
4 Iceland 4 1 0 3 8 - 6 +2 3
5 Bosnia and Herzegovina 4 1 0 3 3 - 7 -4 3
6 Liechtenstein 4 0 0 4 0 - 14 -14 0

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How EURO 2024 Qualifying Works? Main points explained

How EURO 2024 Qualifying Works

The qualifying format for the Euro 2024 competition has been announced and confirmed. There will be a round-robin system within a group, involving teams drawn against each other in a convenient manner.

The groups are decided based on the performance of each team in the UEFA Nations League, making for a fair competition within each group. The groups will ultimately determine who finishes where, with each team given a chance to succeed and reach the Euro 2024 tournament.

The first two places of the groups in each of the qualifiers groups go directly to the main tournament. But another three spots to the main tournament will come through the UEFA Nations League.

Betting odds may be against many teams, but anything can happen. The qualifier groups are one of the most important phases before a tournament, and it is essential to keep an eye on them, especially if you are looking to keep track of the scores and indulge in betting within this competition.

Each group will see around five teams battling it out for the advancing spots in a league format, making for great football viewing and frantic tactics in order to win the game. Nations will be scrambling for the qualifying spots in this tournament.

Scores will be crucial in this type of match, as they can affect the odds, and the goal count can make the biggest difference if teams have drawn or have the same amount of points.

Best odds to bet on Euro 2024: Qualifying Stages

While Germany gets the go-ahead straight to the tournament as the hosts in their fourteenth appearance in this tournament, the other teams will need to go through several stages of tests in order to get to the tournament.

We review each stage here:

UEFA Nations League - preliminary

The Nations League is considered the first step to Euro 2024 qualification.

After being mixed in with the UEFA Nations League rankings, it is decided which teams will go into which group, taking into account their performances from that tournament. In this tournament, 53 UEFA member nations were put into ten groups, which saw competition for the top spots.

The odds will be affected taking into account how teams perform in the groups of this tournament.

Qualifiers Groups Stage

There will be groups of five teams drawn, and the top two will go straight into the draw for the final tournament. The teams will all play each other in a round-robin to determine which team finishes in what spot in the group.

The betting odds will likely be some of the best during the group stages, so don't miss out!


The group winners of Nations League groups A, B and C will be handed a ticket to the play-offs too, unless they have already qualified for the UEFA Euro 2024.

The playoffs will involve three ways – it will have two semi-finals which hold one leg each, and also a final. The semi-finals, however, will be drawn in a different manner. The best-ranked team will face the fourth-ranked side, whilst the second-ranked side plays against the third-ranked team.

Whoever hosts the final game will be drawn between the winners of the semi-final matches. The winners of this whole equation will then join up with the rest of the twenty sides on their way to the final tournament through the group stages.

Euro 2024 Predictions and Presentation for the Qualifiers; Key Dates and Schedule

euro 2024 predictions and presentation for the qualifiers

Some of the key dates which are going to play a crucial role in the tournament are not to be ignored – if you’re looking to make the most of your betting tips and bonus optimisation, look no further and save these dates to your diary so you can review match odds and predictions in advance.

UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying campaign
Stage Matchday Dates
UEFA Euro 2024:
Qualifying group stage
Matchday 1–2 23–28 March 2023
Matchday 3–4 16–20 June 2023
Matchday 5–6 7–12 September 2023
Matchday 7–8 12–17 October 2023
Matchday 9–10 16–21 November 2023
UEFA Nations League:
Semi-finals 21 March 2024
Finals 26 March 2024

The scheduling and timing are the more important factors as it will befall on international breaks, meaning club teams can rest their sides or send the players playing for their country abroad without disruption to their professional schedules.

Teams in countries such as England face rigorous schedules with the likes of the Premier League demanding a lot, so the timing has to be spot on or else an injury crisis can hamper plenty of teams' chances. Injuries can greatly alter the odds and the likelihood of a team winning matches.

Usually, the windows of international matches will befall a weekend, a whole week, or a couple of days at a time with space in between to allow players to get ready for international duty, with the transition from domestic leagues such as the Premier League and cup matches.

Make sure to mark the dates down in order to be able to precisely review them to watch live betting odds, bonuses, tips and tricks regarding certain fixtures. For example, if Spain plays against a smaller country, then they will most likely come out on top as favourites.

Round 2

Date Match 1 x 2
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Denmark Denmark




Slovenia Slovenia San Marino San Marino




England England Ukraine Ukraine




Slovakia Slovakia Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina




Malta Malta Italy Italy




Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Finland Finland




Luxembourg Luxembourg Portugal Portugal




Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Iceland Iceland




Sweden Sweden Azerbaijan Azerbaijan




Austria Austria Estonia Estonia




Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland France France




Netherlands Netherlands Gibraltar Gibraltar




Poland Poland Albania Albania




Hungary Hungary Bulgaria Bulgaria




Moldova Moldova Czech Republic Czech Republic




Montenegro Montenegro Serbia Serbia




Romania Romania Belarus Belarus




Georgia Georgia Norway Norway




Scotland Scotland Spain Spain




Switzerland Switzerland Israel Israel




Turkey Turkey Croatia Croatia




Wales Wales Latvia Latvia




Kosovo Kosovo Andorra Andorra




Round 3

Date Match
Greece Greece Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland
Finland Finland Slovenia Slovenia
Denmark Denmark Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
Belarus Belarus Israel Israel
North Macedonia North Macedonia Ukraine Ukraine
Malta Malta England England
Wales Wales Armenia Armenia
Latvia Latvia Turkey Turkey
Andorra Andorra Switzerland Switzerland
San Marino San Marino Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Gibraltar Gibraltar France France
Kosovo Kosovo Romania Romania
Norway Norway Scotland Scotland
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Estonia Estonia
Cyprus Cyprus Georgia Georgia
Iceland Iceland Slovakia Slovakia
Albania Albania Moldova Moldova
Portugal Portugal Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Belgium Belgium Austria Austria
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Czech Republic Czech Republic
Luxembourg Luxembourg Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Montenegro Montenegro Hungary Hungary
Lithuania Lithuania Bulgaria Bulgaria

Round 4

Date Match
Finland Finland San Marino San Marino
Ukraine Ukraine Malta Malta
Slovenia Slovenia Denmark Denmark
Belarus Belarus Kosovo Kosovo
Armenia Armenia Latvia Latvia
England England North Macedonia North Macedonia
France France Greece Greece
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland Gibraltar Gibraltar
Israel Israel Andorra Andorra
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Switzerland Switzerland Romania Romania
Turkey Turkey Wales Wales
Norway Norway Cyprus Cyprus
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Luxembourg Luxembourg
Iceland Iceland Portugal Portugal
Austria Austria Sweden Sweden
Bulgaria Bulgaria Serbia Serbia
Estonia Estonia Belgium Belgium
Scotland Scotland Georgia Georgia
Hungary Hungary Lithuania Lithuania
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Albania Albania
Moldova Moldova Poland Poland
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Slovakia Slovakia

Where the Euro 2024 qualifying matches will be played? Cities, Countries

As previously explored, the Euro 2024 campaign will be hosted in one of the biggest footballing countries in Europe: Germany.

If you're looking to travel and experience the football hype, with tips, tricks, and bonuses, maybe even to watch live football, there are several cities in the country that will host the football tournament, providing high-quality stadiums and facilities.

But what countries and cities will be hosting the qualifiers? We'll review that below.

Here are some of the cities that will see the UEFA Euro 2024 hype:

England - London

Stadium: Wembley Stadium - Capacity: 90,000

London boasts one of the most famous cities in the world, with attractions such as the London Eye and Big Ben, meaning spectators visiting Wembley Stadium can enjoy much more than just football. It's a massive city, and whoever plays England will undoubtedly enjoy their time here.

England's impressive 90,000-seater Wembley Stadium is located in the capital city and is exclusively used by the national team. It also hosts cup finals, including the FA Cup, League Cup, and promotion play-off finals in the Football League system. The stadium has welcomed not only Premier League sides but also lower league teams.

Wembley Stadium is one of the most modern stadiums in England, having been renovated and updated regularly. It is also the second-largest stadium in Europe, meaning teams playing there will face tough odds!

France - Paris

Stadium: Stade de France - Capacity: 80,000

In the “City of Love,” France ply their trade. Naturally, it is one of the most iconic European cities and fans away to France will enjoy their time spent walking along the streets and enjoying a nice crepe/

Just falling 10k seats off Wembley, the Stade de France is also a massive competitor in Europe when it comes to stadium size. The Parisian commune of Saint-Denis sees the huge structure host cup finals of French football and also the national team’s matches in both football and even rugby.

It is the sixth-largest stadium in Europe, also having a state-of-art approach to it.

Germany - Munich

Stadium: Allianz Arena - Capacity: 70,000

Enjoy a beer in Munich before the game! This is what most fans will be doing before their country plays visitors to Germany. Before going to watch the top-class football on show, there will be absolutely no shortage of sights to see, food to try, and beer to drink.

One of the biggest and most modern stadiums in Germany, it brings a nice touch of class to whenever the German national side plays here. The optimal football played by the team can be enjoyed by 70,000 fans at international matches. It is home to Bayern Munich who is one of the best teams in Europe.

Belgium - Brussels

Stadium: King Baudouin Stadium - Capacity: 50,000

Brussels is one of the central European cities, will be familiar with fans travelling through to watch their side play off against Belgium in qualifier action. The city has a nice feel to it and fans won’t be disappointed.

This stadium is the largest stadium in Belgium and has been standing even before the world war years, having been opened in 1930. The national football and rugby teams occupy this stadium alone and have the luxury of using it as their home ground.

Spain - Madrid

Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu - Capacity: 80,000

Being one of the most iconic Spanish cities and home to two of the biggest football teams in Europe, Madrid is a no-brainer when it comes to selecting which Spanish city may host the national team in their qualifier fixtures.

The stadium has seen a lot of Champions League in its time.

The Santiago Bernabeu is just one of the few options of elite-tier stadia Spain have to choose from – but it is spacey, state-of-the-art, and dons many facilities making it more than ideal for visiting fans to gather in.

Euro 2024 predictions: Top Contenders for Euro 2024 Qualification

There are many teams looking for glory in this tournament – some already hellbent on securing the qualification to begin planning how they will advance to Germany.

The first contender is none other than…


The dark horses of all international tournaments – many people have coveted them to be some of the most dangerous underdogs. They have talent which has gone unnoticed a lot of the time, but also some hot properties like Chelsea target Josko Gvardiol.

Croatia has regularly had good odds in big competitions such as this after their heroics in past tournaments. Not many of their players actually still play in the Croatian league, as a lot have earned big-money moves!

They never fail to unearth new talent for such a small country – Croatia are tacticians in their own right, with Luka Modric STILL as their driving force, who knows?

We can’t rule out his international retirement just yet… but the 37-year-old might have a final dance with his country in 2024!


Off the back of a World Cup final disappointment, Didier Deschamps will look to rally the men and grab a consolation trophy in the UEFA Euro.

It looks like France may have some of the best betting odds and predictions in terms of winning the tournament, alongside other teams.

France has great squad depth and insane attacking prowess through world-class talents like Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, and much more who not only play in the French League.

But sometimes, too much glitter is bad – big players need to work together in order to see the teamwork, and Deschamps is presented with the challenge of glueing it all together.


Another massive team, Italy is set to try and protect their title after knocking England off their podium and stealing the trophy in 2020.

Their odds are greatly modified by their win back in 2020. Our prediction is that they will be in serious contention once more.

After missing out on the World Cup, this is going to be a crucial factor for the team to redeem themselves in the eyes of the Italians at home.

But will their inconsistency in big moments and their scores end here? Sometimes, they fall at the last hurdle.


England suffered a loss at the hands of Italy in the finals of the last Euro, in 2020. Will this edition bring any justice to their fans? The team will be one of the most motivated to bounce back from these scores and finally bring football home.

The problem with this England team is that any injury might see their odds greatly drop when it comes to winning the tournament.

Their recent world cup campaign saw them run into finalists France in Qatar, and see the end of their run. The team boasts a squad full of young and bright talents, which is one of their main strengths.

However, as England does have a well-rounded football team filled with Premier League stars, they still sometimes lack the experience needed in certain situations – especially when facing well-established sides like France.


A classic choice of predictions for many bettors and tipsters, the Spanish have frequently taken the mantle of one of the countries to have played beautiful one-touch passing football. But in recent times, the Spanish national team have appeared below par in big moments.

Spain provides some of the best choices of odds especially if it comes to playing teams lesser than themselves, in which they dominate by numbers.

Donning a new-look midfield of players like Gavi, Pedri and other young blood, it looks like they could instil a different kind of energy to the midfield of many games to come in this competition after having played together for Barcelona in the Spanish League.

But at the same time, Spain does leave a lot of holes in their defence and midfield when trying to be creative as a team throughout the game and make more chances.


The hype-beasts of Europe, people have always tried to back the Belgians thanks to their elite choice of talent. The “Golden Generation” has really gone quiet, but will the Belgians rise back and step onto the stage again?

Injury can unfortunately greatly alter Belgium’s betting odds when it comes to winning the tournament too, as they do not have too much experience in their backup players.

With Courtois between the sticks, according to tipsters, Belgium could scrape some clean sheets, goalless draws and bland scores which will no doubt be included in offers and bets with savvy bookmakers.

Kevin De Bruyne still plays with Belgium, adding to another great player which you can track in order to grab more stat-based betting wins.

Euro 2024 Predictions: Top players of the Euro 2024

top players of the euro 2024

There will be a great amount of talent on show at the Euros, but who are some of the best players which fans will be able to watch at the tournament?

You will need to have a shortlist of players to watch if you’re to take advantage of any individual player betting odds, promos, predictions and scores.

We review some of the hottest properties when it comes to footballers which are most likely to head to the Euro 2024, and how they may have performed in their domestic leagues.

Kylian Mbappe - France

Position: Striker/Winger

As France looks sure to grab qualification, this maestro will look to help his country to patch up the World Cup scars as they look to challenge for the trophy. The lightning-fast baller will light up the tournament with his insane skill.

Kylian will be on most offers revolving around scoring goals and shots on target – make sure to keep an eye on predictions and reviews which talk about this star. The young star has certainly shown the French League what fire means in the past few years.

Having played alongside many greats such as Lionel Messi in the French League with PSG, his improvement has not halted.

The Frenchman no doubt scores goals and assists – predictions and betting junkies, look no further!

Bukayo Saka - England

Position: Winger

Another redemption story waiting to happen, Saka’s missed penalty in the last Euros is still fresh in England fans’ minds. The young winger is enjoying a phenomenal season with Arsenal on track to winning the Premier League, there’s no doubt he will put on a display in Germany.

In the Premier League, Saka has scores some of the most dangerous runs into the box as well as close-cut chance creation. League defenders have had enough of playing against the young winger!

Check out tips and bonuses revolving around Germany which may regard Musiala, such as the most passes made or even picking up yellow cards.

Set to score some of the highest xG in the tourney, there will be definite class plays from the star boy. Odds can be exploited by betting on this expert playmaker.

Jamal Musiala - Germany

Position: Winger/CAM

A young baller, Germany’s own will want to display his prowess to his country in this Euro 2024 campaign. Being one of Bayern’s brightest stars, there is absolutely no reason why he cannot play his best for Germany too.

His silky skills and twisting runs are sure to have amazing results on the pitch, so watch him closely! Bayern has taken the German league by storm once again with the likes of Musiala scarring the league’s defenders.

Betting on Germany will mean keeping an eye on this talented player.

Joao Felix - Portugal

Position: Striker

Portugal will look to use the services of the talented centre-forward – who is currently playing in the English Premier League with Chelsea FC. One of the most elite forwards when it comes to finishing and dribbling, his prowess will no doubt cause problems in many European defences.

Watch closely for his impact - sometimes he can be rather quiet but can come up at important times during a match.

Goalscoring odds and bonuses could potentially provide an opportunity on Felix when betting on Portugal.

Marco Verratti - Italy

Position: Central midfielder

One of the best players to keep an eye on if you’re a stat betting freak! Marco loves to preserve his pass rate and makes some of the smartest plays on the pitch. He can be used to exploit bonuses and offers regarding free bets – you can bet on Verratti to rack up great stats!

Playing for the best team in the French League, PSG, Verratti has no shortage of experience. The side has dominated the league the past few years with ease.

The central midfielder will more than likely be mentioned in reviews on the Italy national team and how you can use their matches in accumulators, odds and more.

Kevin De Bruyne - Belgium

Position: CAM

Pulling the strings for one of the most coveted teams in Europe, Kevin De Bruyne will ensure great technical statistics for all of you data-heads. He is one of the most consistent performances in a decorated Premier League Manchester City side and is one of the driving forces in Pep’s system.

Betting odds could potentially be exploited by using markets related to De Bruyne’s passing plays and even shots on target, as he is incredibly attack-savvy.

We believe he is one to watch in the upcoming qualifiers, as his performance will be pivotal in the determination of how a Belgium game and the scores may go.

Josko Gvardiol - Croatia

Position: Central Defender

An expensive price tag has been set on Josko after numerous Premier League sides have been hellbent on having an offer accepted by his current team, RB Leipzig. The ball-playing defender can offer a host of passing statistics as well as clean sheets.

Keeping an eye on the Croatian star can be vital when trying to predict the goal forecast in Croatia’s matches, especially in away games when they tend to stay defensive and safe.

Betting on Croatia will mean tracking Josko’s condition and form, this could be extremely useful with bonuses.

Euro 2024 Predictions Betting tips: Expert opinions

Our experts have compiled information and opinion on upcoming games to help you with precise predictions – reviewing some of the most crucial matches and situations in this football competition.

In the world of live betting tips, it is crucial you come prepared with only the best tips from the best tipsters and also bonuses and promos.

Have a look at our take on the odds and predictions, it might help you with predicting live scores and events correctly as you start betting on the Euro 2024!


The qualification for the 17th edition of the European Championship 2024, whose main organizer is three-time winner Germany, will start from March 2023 and will end on the same date next year. 

There is no doubt that the Germans, famous for beer and sausages, will make an unforgettable and great football party. By the way, Germany will organize the European Championship for the first time as a reunified country, after 1988 when the tournament was hosted by West Germany. As the hosts of the competition, the German national football team directly qualified for the final stage, so they will not participate in the qualifiers for EURO 2024.

The player who could shine the most in the qualifying phase of the European Championship is the top scorer of the recently concluded World Cup in Qatar 2022, Kylian Mbappe.

The French international is considered one of the best strikers in the world at the moment, and he is especially inspired when he wears the national team jersey. He has already proven that several times. First, he was most deserving of the title of world champion in 2018, and on the same stage, four years later, he brought his national team to the very final, with 8 goals scored. Therefore, Kylian Mbappe, considering that Karim Benzema withdrew from the national team, should carry the "The Gallic roosters" through the qualification phase.

Kate Richards:

After the mixed performances of the 13 European nations that participated in the World Cup, a lot is expected of them in the upcoming Euro 2024 in Germany. One of those teams that failed to impress in Qatar was 'die Mannschaft' that was eliminated at the group stages for the second time in a row. One major boost for Germany would be the fact that, on all 12 occasions when the European Championship has been hosted by a single country, the host nation has reached at least the semifinals.

However, with the DFB team already automatically qualified for the competition, the question is which country will impress the most in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. In my opinion: France. Les Bleus fought to the end in Qatar, losing the final to Argentina on penalties. And with Kylian Mbappé already out of the Champions League, I expect the 24-year-old to be at his best, which would give Les Bleus an easy qualification for UEFA Euro 2024.

Croatia have excelled in their last two World Cup campaigns and deserved their third-place finish in Qatar. However, with captain Luka Modrić nearing the final months of his career, the Vatreni will have to be at their best to qualify for Euro 2024.

⭐ Ninca90:

Qualifying matches and groups for EURO are no longer as uncertain as they were before when only 16 national teams participated in the final tournament. It is clear that in the groups where the Netherlands and France or Italy and England are, we will see big derby matches, but it is quite predictable that these teams will qualify for the European Championship. Some other groups like Austria, Belgium and Sweden will be much more interesting from a competitive point of view.

By the summer of 2024 and the EURO matches in Germany, we will have a complete picture of all 24 tournament participants. Until then, let's enjoy following the qualifying matches and our national teams!

Bets on Euro 2024: Conclusion

So as we near the Euro 2024 tournament, many football fans will be looking forward to some of the best international matches, scores, and drama since the 2022 World Cup. The finals will be long-awaited, the matches will provide intense entertainment, and the world will be able to see top-notch European footballers representing their countries.

Bettors will be waiting for the match odds to come out, as well as a plethora of colourful promos, bonuses, tips, offers and live interfaces to help aid them in their UEFA Euro 2024 venture.

Not only will we see some of the best footballers play, but new teams strung together by coaches and exciting moments in the heat of the matches, in an almost unpredictable, live fashion!

So who do you think will win? Check out some of our top tips, predictions and odds with the experts mentioned earlier in the article, and start betting with us!

Euro 2024 tips: FAQ


How are the qualifying matches for EURO2024 structured, and how many teams will participate in them?

The qualifying games will mean teams are sorted into groups taking into account their UEFA Nations League performance and the top two progress. Check out some of the odds, promos and bonuses on these games in our predictions, and start betting with us.

How many qualifying matches will each team have to play in order to secure a spot in EURO2024, and how will these matches be scheduled?

It depends on if teams finish top/second or elsewhere in the group – if they do not finish top, they will need to play three or four more matches to fight for qualification, rather than the original five required to play in the group stage.

What happens if two or more teams in the same group finished with the same number of points and goal difference?

The fair-play system comes into play – meaning the team with fewer yellow and red cards will be considered ahead of the other team. This is important to pay attention to when betting live, as it can destroy many predictions.

What happens if a team is unable to play one or more of their qualifying matches due to unforeseen circumstances (such as COVID-19 restrictions)?

The fixture could be changed or postponed or the team might need to be removed from the competition as they cannot fulfil the fixture. All odds, live betting, promos and bonuses would be scrapped.

Will there be any changes to the format or rules of the qualifying matches compared to previous editions of EURO?

The team ranked third will be given a chance to qualify still depending on scores – by being one of the best-ranked teams in the tournament compared to the other 3rd placed teams.

Are there any new teams or nations participating in the qualifying matches for the first time, and how do they fare in terms of their chances of qualifying?

There are not necessarily any new teams but teams who have not played in Euros before (or for a long time) include Faroe Islands, San Marino, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Andorra, Liechtenstein, and more – their odds of qualifying are very low but could be of use when betting with bonuses. After all, there could be some surprise scores to overturn the bookies – it all happens live, so be prepared, and have your promos and predictions at hand!

Can you explain the process for determining the host cities and venues for the qualifying matches, and how are these selected?

As countries bid to host the Euros, their top-ranked football cities with the best facilities and best stadia are selected to host the games. The best stadiums are crucial in order to be able to accommodate fans and be able to host such big live matches.

What are some of the most exciting or high-profile qualifying matches to watch out for, and which teams are considered favourites to qualify for EURO2024?

Teams like Germany, Spain, France, England, Italy, Belgium, Croatia, and the Netherlands, are massive favourites amongst fans to grab the trophy. Whenever these giants come across each other, is when you can assume a match is high-profile and has decent odds and scores to safely bet on. Make sure to keep up with some of the live scores as the games are played to increase your chances.

How to correctly predict the Euro 2024 Qualifiers?

Make sure you know all about each team competing, stay up-to-date on team news, collect statistics and focus on every live match scores plus odds with live betting interfaces. Predictions can be hard, but you can always make use of tips, offers, or even a promo or bonus. Additionally, you can review some of the useful betting tips and odds we offer on our main site.

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