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Vadims Mikeļevičs

Vadims Mikeļevičs


Betting used to be a grey area within the world, until the legalisation ensured it was just another day-to-day activity. You might be wondering what Betting Revenue exactly is- it is the amount of money a bookmaker makes from gambler’s activities with betting!

Basically, it is profit made from the gambling popularity we see nowadays. This is obviously minus the amount that is paid out to winning customers, so the number is largely affected by such winnings.

If you are interested in the betting statistics when it comes to financial detail, you have certainly come to the right place. In this article, we not only look into the meaning of sports betting revenue, but we will also prove some crucial statistics to do with the industry!

How can I measure betting revenue myself?

By checking out online sports betting statistics and informative sites, you can be kept up to date with all the financial news to do with betting. If you are keen on checking out the detail about betting revenue much more closely, you can check sites such as

Legalsportreport allows you to flick through the latest news on the details from each state which are taken from gambling. This is useful for any revenue junkie!

US States sports betting revenue

As betting becomes bigger every day, week, month and year, more people are invested into the how the money is collected, how much winnings there are, plus the revenue made from betting by states, companies, and bookmakers.

You are able to collect statistics from facts, and gather them yourself, to back any statements which you may have and find out more about what happens to the money which is gambled.

The Facts

The Legalsportreport website divides the money into four areas:

  • Handle - this means how much money was gambled by gamblers over the specified time period.
  • Revenue - the amount of money made and kept by the bookmaker from the amount wagered.
  • Hold - the percentage of the money that the bookmaker has kept from the total gambled money.
  • Taxes/Jurisdiction Revenue - the taxes collected from the money that is gambled, this usually goes to local authority.

The site goes on to explain that in the state of Delaware, one of the highest hold rates have been recorded as of April 2022, with a whopping 15.0% of money being held onto by the bookmaker.

Top 5 Highest hold percentages

Statistics in sports betting are something many gamblers are interested in, sometimes just out of curiosity, other times to get smarter going ahead. It can be something that will help you in the long term if you know more about it.

Another great source to measure and find out much more about betting revenue is

US sports betting market

It brings more research to the table by providing in-depth stats and even predictions for the coming years. Grandview suggests that of the year 2019, there was a $11.9 billion revenue within the U.S Sports Betting market.

They go on to explain that this number is set to almost double in the year of 2028.

One of the most interesting explanations that the site highlights is that eSports betting bumped the revenue up significantly thanks to the COVID-19 crisis. Companies which focused more on eSports gained a significant boost thanks to customers and athletes alike being able to watch and play socially distanced.

Why does betting revenue matter?

As we explained before, it is something which could potentially help you gain an upper hand in betting. It can also serve as proof that the industry is working, and how the financial circulation works within the market. Or you might use those those stats to back an argument and proving a case.

Many people are fascinated by how the money works in the betting world, so websites like the Legalsportreport allow you to open the roof and check what is inside.

Proof and transparency

The percentage of money which is kept by the bookmaker is also a very useful sum. You can check how much more likely people actually win on one bookmaker, and how transparent the bookmaker themselves are.

Tax which is taken from the betting revenue is promised to go to good causes and sometimes people might not know about it. Some people might assume all money goes into a bookmaker, but the revenue records can also show that not the entire sum is kept.

Academical reasons

Online sports betting statistics can serve as a very good source to your essays, reports and research. So if you are a student, researcher or professor, things like these can definitely up your game when it comes to dissecting and articles.

Arguing for and against certain issues will be a case of providing the facts, so make sure you have read over the internal facts and stats carefully!

Betting advantage

Sometimes, knowing how the betting world works on the inside will prove a very good way of making your mark with betting.

Many pro bettors know small detail, and you can too! Checking the inside information such as how much money is actually kept by the bookmaker can be a part of calculating a win success rate.

Concluding our research

So now you know much more about betting revenue than before. Sources such as, and will enable your access to much more knowledge than before. Be sure to use those sources!

Using such information will not only help you to gain more know-how on betting, but also allow you to know more betting trivia, transparency and how the industry is actually making progress. It can be a reassuring factor to those who are thinking of staying in the gambling game for a long time.

Sports betting statistics can be of massive help, and we believe that knowing more about them will make you a much more successful punter!

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